Council Executive Board

The Arbuckle Area Council Executive Board is elected annually by the Council members at large and Chartered Organization Representatives.

The Executive Board is the governing body of the council territory, empowered by the council body to act in its stead. It takes action to achieve the purposes of the local council. It establishes the council program, carries out resolutions, establishes and enforces policy and hires a Scout Executive, all according to guidelines of the Council Body.

Among its responsibilities are:

  • Exercises all powers of the council body between meetings of the council. This does not include authority to change or amend the articles of incorporation.
  • Approves the program and plans of various committees.
  • Selects and employs a council Scout Executive when a vacancy occurs.
  • Approves and administers a budget adequate to achieve the objectives of Scouting.
  • Coordinates and supports the work of districts in various phases of Council Program and works to build strong district organizations.
  • Raises the dollars necessary to carry out a full Scouting Program in the Council.

Executive Committee

  • Council President -- Hugh Kilblane
  • Council Commissioner -- Jim Cumpton
  • Council Past President President -- David Allen
  • Legal Advisor -- Mike Hisey - Ardmore, OK
  • Vice President-Administration -- Dr. David Powell - Ardmore, OK
  • Vice President-Finance -- Mike Whitson
  • Vice President-Membership -- Dr. Rick Woodbridge
  • Vice President-Program -- Mike Porter
  • Vice President- Learning for Life -- Emmett Hudgins
  • Vice President- Learning for Life Special Needs -- Marilyn Wiles
  • Board Member -- Dr. Rick Woodbridge - Ardmore, OK
  • Board Member -- Jill Wallace

District Chairmen
  • Kelly Wilson
  • Vacant
  • Curtis Miles
Advisory Board
Board Members